What are Vacationships?

Just like relationships, vacationships are where you connect with like minded people, just with the specific purpose to go on a vacation. Just as in relationships, vacationships can be familial, completly platonic and friendly, or out of a desire for a further connection - if the vacationship progresses that way. We leave that up to you. Vacationships was created to provide the platform for people who share the common desire to vacation, and to find people from all over who have similar vacations in mind. Share the fun of not only a vaction, but also the fun of new possible vacationships with people from all over the world!

Your Passport: We make it easy to create your profile.

We let you fill in specific criteria so other like minded people can find you and then you also can search for the type of vacationships you want by this criteria. Simple really!

How do I sign up?

Right now, we are adding features, so using our system is currently by invite, or you can submit your email us at info@vacationships.com to request an invite and we can add you soon!